We love the city, especially when it’s a new city for us. We were up in the New England state for  Q conference which was phenomenal, thought-provoking and such a unique experience. We stayed at the Omni Parker House – super nice and totally recommend. I mean, they won my heart when they sent complimentary chocolate covered strawberries to the room. It just felt great to get away and spend some qt with the family. Maryn did pretty well for her first flight, but I will say that traveling with a baby is no joke! Seriously, I’m exhausted.

We didn’t have a lot of time to sightsee, but we squeezed in a few things before our flight Saturday afternoon. My husband is a huge sports freak, like obsessed with every sport and knows the most random facts. I swear, he knows more than ESPN. Anyway, he wanted to see Fenway Park, so  we take the subway and lo and behold, they are having a free open house..first one in three years. Luke was so excited, he practically skipped inside. Like a good wife, I listened and pretended to be just as excited, but I could only think about getting my hands on a stadium hotdog (which I did and it was amazing).

We also enjoyed the famous, Legal Seafood restaurant and Mike’s pastry (holy cannoli). Boston, we’ll be back.








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