Hello Nashville

It feels surimage1real. I wake up a little startled in the morning because I forget where I am! This move was stressful in more ways than one and if it weren’t for our small group and Luke’s parents, we would still be in Atlanta packing the U-Haul. Seriously, ya’ll are amazing!

We spent the past five weeks driving back and forth looking for a place to live. We put an offer in on a dreamy historical home in Franklin, but lost to someone who offered 30k over asking with cash..what?!  We were bummed, but decided renting was the best option at this time. Finding a place to rent was excruciating, but the Lord is good and always comes through. We found a small three bedroom located in- between downtown Franklin and Cool Springs…not the exact location we wanted, but we’re happy and thankful!

The garage is still packed full of boxes, a lot of stuff will have to be stored in the attic until the next move because we’re out of space! I’m starting to feel settled and more at home as the days go by. We are excited about this new adventure, stay tuned!

Here are a few sneak peaks of the new place…


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