Our sweet baby girl turned one in the blink of an eye. I honestly don’t know where the year has gone. We had a great time celebrating Maryn Joy’s first birthday.  I’m so thankful for my sister who took all of these amazing pictures and so grateful our family and friends joined us on this special day.




 Maryn is wearing the cutest party hat I’ve ever seen and I’m keeping it forever. You can find it here.  Maryn’s romper was so perfect and fit the theme very well.




DIY Banner- I bought the burlap triangles (already cut) from Hobby Lobby, glued it to twine and added gold stickers from Target! Paper arrows are from my friend’s Etsy shop, ArrowsEnd. (she’s currently on a break).



DIY Birthday Banner – These banners can be a little pricy, but they are so easy to make. You just need card stock and string. The gold letter stickers are the same ones pictured above.


DIY cake topper – decorative paper straws, card stock and string.



Homemade teepee sugar cookies – These were a big hit and so delicious. The frosting didn’t turn out as smooth as I wanted, but still cute. You can find the recipe here (don’t forget to leave out the baking powder). I decorated the designs with a paintbrush and food coloring!





You can find these adorable cupcake toppers here.



Party Favors – I found these treat bags from Hobby Lobby, stamped them and threw in some candy, bubbles and tattoos!



DIY gold animal jars – This turned out to be one of my favorite things! I bought a few canning jars at Hobby Lobby along with a packet of plastic animals. We spray painted the animas and tops with gold paint. Decorate with your favorite candy! These would also make great favors for any shower or birthday.




I loved the subtle details on the food table. I found this print on Etsy and my dad picked up this gorgeous cactus at Lowes (another favorite from the party).



I wrapped leftover yarn and craft feathers around paper straws.



I found the big 40 inch balloons on Etsy and they were amazing. The number one balloon lasted a week and my friend used it the following weekend for her daughter’s birthday!  (#1 balloon)    (Round balloon). I hung a curtain rod at the top of the fence and just draped white curtains to create a simple backdrop for Maryn’s smash cake moment. We already had the teepee, so I just placed it along the fence.



I bought the tassel behind the teepee here. I was very strategic with the decor pieces I bought because I wanted to buy things that I could repurpose. I figured there’s no sense in buying these things if you’re just going to throw away or store in a box!


The tassels hanging from the branches are just yarn cut and tied together! My friend sent me the idea and we knocked them out in just a few short minutes!






It took her awhile, but she really got into the cake. I think she would have eaten the whole thing if we would have let her!





IT’S MY PARTY .  .  . 

IMG_6135  IMG_5814  IMG_6065



IMG_4835 IMG_6388 IMG_6415


This day was magical and I can’t wait to share these memories with her one day!




One thought on “Maryn’s First Birthday

  1. Paula Dooley

    The decorations were so cute! The food tasted wonderful! Loved the theme and Maryn was adorable! Great party and great memories !!



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